Luminous Eco Watt 700va/650va 12v SQ


Luminous Zelio is India’s most intelligent and advanced inverter series equipped with 32-bit DSP processor and informative LCD display with features such as power back-up time display, battery charging time display, fault indicators and much more. It also has MCB protection and Mains by-pass switch which keeps the power supply uninterrupted, even when the inverter develops a fault.



LUMINOUS IPS/UPS MACHINE NEO 700va/650va ECO WATT Square Wave Inverter

825 Watt
12 Volt

  • Product details of LUMINOUS IPS/UPS MACHINE NEO 700 ECO WATT Square Wave Inverter
  • Brand: LUMINOUS
  • Country of Origin: INDIA
  • Capacity: 540 WATT
  • Type: Square Wave Inverter
  • Battery Needed: 12Volt 1pcs, 120Ah- 200Ah
  • Weight: 7.5Kg +/_
  • Country of Origin: Proudly Made in India.


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